printing methods

Lauren Chism Fine Papers offers 3 types of printing methods: Flat Printing, Letterpress and Foil Stamping.



Flat printing (aka digital printing) is a modern and affordable form of printing where the ink is transferred to the paper using a digital image, resulting in a smooth 'flat' finish. This type of printing allows for unlimited colors and large areas of color, like backgrounds.



Letterpress is a form of printing in which a raised surface (a letterpress plate with your design) is inked and pressed onto soft paper to produce a deep luxurious impression. Each piece of paper is hand-fed through an antique press one sheet at a time. A letterpress plate must be created for each color that is printed, therefore pricing is based on the number of colors used.

Letterpress inks are hand mixed and there is a possibility of slight color variation between printed pieces. This is the nature of letterpress printing and is part of its unique charm. Also, letterpress does not work well with large areas of color. It's best suited for text and smaller scale artwork. Colored backgrounds only work with flat printing.

Blind letterpress is letterpress method where no ink is used, leaving a debossed impression on the paper. While no ink is used, it is still considered a 'color' for pricing purposes. This beautiful technique is featured on the ISABEL, CARLEY and CHANTILLY invitation suites.



Foil Stamping (aka Foil Letterpress) is similar to letterpress printing, but instead of ink, a opaque foil is used. Foil stamping is a way to achieve a shiny metallic finish on cotton paper. You can select from the following foil colors: gold, silver, rose gold, (opaque) white and black.



Flat printing + letterpress printing can be mixed within an invitation suite (ex: letterpress invitation and flat printed RSVP), but can not be mixed on the same piece. There will be a slight difference in color as well as a difference in the overall look when using multiple printing methods.


Samples are available through my shop, so that you can experience these printing methods in person.