Photobucket I'm so excited to announce that I am now officially a full-time invitation studio! This is been a huge decision for me and is a plan that started back in February (what can I say, we are big planners). I got to a point when I just couldn't do both anymore, which sparked the conversation with my husband about what could be. Once I had convinced myself that I could do this, I've just been waiting for this day. The past two months I've spent working part-time to wrap things up and yesterday was finally my very. last. day.  I spent 5 years working with some really amazing people and it was sad to leave, but nothing has felt more right. Sure, I'm afraid of not having steady paycheck, of working from home and well, all the uncertainties that go along with running your own business, but the excitement of finally getting to do what I love all the time overshadows all of that. I feel determined, content, and frankly, kind of tired, because these past 2 years have been BUSY.

I have so many goals for the next few months, which brings on a whole new level of emotions, but for now, all I know is, today, I can't stop smiling.