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New Business Cards!

Ever since I went to NSS, I have been running LOW on business cards. I knew my next batch of cards would be letterpress and a bit of an investment, so I wanted to be SURE about the design. Enter every designers biggest dilemma: designing for yourself. It is so hard! I knew I wouldn't venture far from my original design, but wanted to add a bit of a wow factor, considering paper is my business. I wanted my cards to reflect my design aesthetic and the quality of invitations I offer, as well as my overall brand. I think I achieved what I was a going for. I absolutely love them. They are printed on 220# Crane's Lettra card stock in fluorescent white and are printed front and back. To add a little 'wow' I replaced my palm tree with palm leaves in a blind impression. I LOVE them.

letterpress wedding invitations

letterpress wedding invitations

They were beautifully printed by Michael Schwartz of CZar Press.

Learning to Letterpress: the Results

Photobucket After spending the morning printing, Kimberly was kind enough to handle the cutting on her end. This worked out well, because I didn't have a bit of room left in my suitcase. I just got them in the mail and I couldn't wait to snap some photos of my lovely stationery and business cards.


If it's not completely obvious, I got a new camera! It's pretty awesome and after I learn how to shoot on something other than the auto setting, I think things could start to look pretty good around here. But let's be honest, even this is a serious improvement!

Minted: Stay In Touch Business Card Challenge

The latest Minted challenge called for our creativity in a brand new category: business cards! This was a pretty open ended challenge... we could choose a business or personal theme. The only catch was that the back could not be editable. I see calling cards all over etsy, and I've done a few custom orders myself... so I will be interested to see how Minted does selling these. They will no doubt be some of the best looking available. I wish I had more time to design for this challenge. I had so many more ideas for this, but time caught up to me and I was only able to submit these two before the deadline... Stamp + Stripe and Calligrapher.

invitations Photobucket

Voting is now open, so head on over there and check out the awesome designs.