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Buffalo Plaid Children's Birthday Invitations

Buffalo plaid: I like to wear it and I also like to design with it! A fall/winter party at a park? Enter a little plaid and some antlers and you have yourself a theme. I love how my friend, Carrie, pulled together such cute ideas for this little birthday celebration. I don't have anything else to say - the cuteness speaks for itself!

These were featured on Oh So Beautiful Paper today! Thank you, Nole, for the feature.

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Musical Children's Birthday Invitations

I designed these joint birthday invitations for my nieces, Madeleine and Charlotte. They love their music class, so Laura threw the party there. It was so fun for the kiddos and entertaining for the parents and adults. Also, there was pizza and cake, so this preggo had a good time!

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Penelope's First Birthday

 photo Penelopes 1st Bday017.jpg My niece, Penelope, turned one back in April (yea, yea, better late than never, right!?), and my sister threw her the sweetest little party. I was excited to be able to go to Ohio to celebrate and help out a bit… and of course, I designed the invitations!

 photo Penelopes 1st Bday008.jpg

Her birthday coincided with the children's birthday challenge at Minted, so I submitted them there, and they are now for sale on

 photo Penelopes 1st Bday011.jpg

Here are a few cute details of the day!

 photo Penelopes-1st-Bday1.jpg

 photo Penelopes 1st Bday001.jpg

 photo Penelopes-1st-Bday2.jpg

 photo Penelopes 1st Bday006.jpg

The cake didn't stand a chance. Penelope loved it!

 photo Penelopes 1st Bday005.jpg

 photo Penelopes 1st Bday007.jpg

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Featured: Crawfish + Cake Birthday Invitations on OSBP


It started a few years ago… one crawfish boil invitation turned into another and another …  I just keep getting to design invitations for these awesome gatherings of crawfish eaters! I have so much fun with this theme and find it's a fun challenge to work with the same theme for different clients.

Well, it got a little more challenging this time, since I was designing for the same theme, same client, same celebration - just one year later! Remember Ben's Crawfish Birthday last year? Well, his mom, Mary, thought the party was such a hit, she wanted to do it again for his second birthday. She came up with the 'Crawfish & Cake' theme (so cute right!) and I created these playful invitations, tags and coordinating stationery.


Did I mention that these were featured on Oh So Beautiful Paper today?! Thank you, Nole!

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