Happy Monday!

Photobucket Tomorrow is tax day. Even though I was an accountant in my pre-stationery life, ever since I started my business and taxes are way more than a quick input of a few numbers, I've procrastinated until the very end. So I am pretty proud of myself that yesterday afternoon, I filed... two days early. That's not normally my thing, but you know,  I don't need to rush to pay the government, like I might if it was the other way around. Yep, no refund this year... :(

On Wednesday, I have a photo shoot for my wedding collection and my room is a mess with potential props everywhere. (That's just a *small* sampling above - it got much messier after I took that photo!) I am so excited so have some professional photos of my hard work. Can't wait to share!

Posted on April 16, 2012 and filed under Personal.