maine Over the labor day weekend (yes, it's taken me over a week to catch up), we took a little getaway to Maine with our best friends. It was to celebrate our 30th birthdays (or their 30th birthdays - mine is not till November and may or may not be getting it's own trip) and it was so perfect. (See above photo - this was taken with my iPhone!!? can you believe it?) We chose Maine in an effort to get away from the Texas heat and boy, did we. We spent one evening outside watching the sunset covered in blankets. It was heavenly! I was actually quite chilly most of the time. Success? or did I just not pack properly? Maybe a little of both.


I think my instagram feed from the trip captured the beauty of the weekend. I want to go back!

The highlights: - Spruce Point Inn! I found this beautiful place online and I am so smitten. Picturesque seems to be the most fitting word, but it might not due it justice. It was so gorgeous. It took a little while to get there from the airport, but was worth the drive. They had a spa, pools, cozy rooms and delicious food. Oh, and AMAZING views!

- Being by (and on) the water. It's no secret among my friends and family that I am more into looking at the water than doing anything in or on it, but I surprised Carter (and myself) by being up for a little kayaking and sailing.

- Lobster, crab cakes, mussels, oh my! (we ate really good seafood)

- Toasting to our 30s with waters, tea, and one glass of wine (the wine was mine). If that's not a sign that our thirties will be different than our twenties, I am not sure what is. But who says different can't be better?

Posted on September 11, 2012 and filed under Personal.