Font Friday: Free for All

Photobucket Free fonts are not all created equal. Some fonts are free... because, well, they look free. Others, pleasantly surprise you with their free-ness and are pretty awesome. These are all part of the awesome category. Photobucket

Splendid 66 is a cool typewriter font that will give your designs a fun antique feel.


RNS Camelia is a new favorite. It has tiny little slab serifs that give it a sweet charm.


Learning Curve is a more structured take on a script font. I love how Kerry used it in her Super Swoon blog header. Perfection.


Bebas Neue is one of my go-to fonts when I need a bold display typeface. Watch out for the spacing between the letters, because it can get a little weird. But nothing a little manual adjusting can't handle.

Just click on each font to download for FREE and enjoy!

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Posted on August 12, 2011 and filed under Font Friday.