Getting my weekends back

Photobucket Hands down, the best thing about not juggling two jobs is getting my weekends back. I knew I was busy before I quit my job, but I don't really think I realized how much I would enjoy getting my free time back. Case in point... this weekend. I spent Saturday morning at a craft market not far from our house. How can something so cool be so close and I have no idea about it? I discovered food trucks and Korean tacos (yum) and took a nap! I almost forgot what those were! On Sunday, Carter, Marley and I took a 2 hour walk around our neighborhood. We live in a such a beautiful area, with so many beautiful streets and the most festively decorated homes. One day I will have a house wrapped like a present. One day. And yes, Carter is holding Marley on our walk - we have THAT kind of dog. But she is small and it was at the end of the 2 hours. She did well.  I also finished wrapping presents and we had a couple fires which just make our home so cozy. I love the holidays and I love them even more that I get to enjoy them.

It was a busy Monday getting one of my last batches of holiday cards back from the printer and printing envelopes and sorting and packaging, but Mondays are just not what they used to be. No case of the Mondays here :)