Farewell 2011!

Photobucket I know I am a couple of days behind on the new year thing, but bear with me.

With the new year comes new resolutions, but before I get there, I wanted to take a peek at last year to see how I did with those. I am not normally big on resolutions, because I'd rather not draw attention to the things I never got around to, but last year I declared a few things and it was quite successful!

In 2011, I WILL... Get my accounting books in order! I did this, but still need to do better. I'm moving my excel spreadsheets to Quickbooks this year. Go me.

In 2011, I WILL... launch a new website! Check! I didn't say it had to be a detailed website. As you probably know, things are pretty basic over there right now, but I have quite a lot of changes in the works. Maybe the key to accomplishing my resolutions is ambiguity... and that may or may not have been my intention. In 2011, I WILL... design more for Minted and Indigo Prints. Double check. This year was a huge year for me on Minted and I continued to expand my collection on Indigo Prints. I made it a goal to submit at least one thing in every challenge and while I don't think that's quite as realistic this year with the other things that I am pursuing, I will want to continue to submit. Aside from it being a great creative and fun outlet, it's become a profitable part of my business and gives me great exposure.

I can see why I was successful.... those are actually pretty tame resolutions compared to the big things that happened to me this year. 2011 was quite a bit more than I could have imagined, and there are a few things, looking back, I am really excited and proud of.

The biggest obviously is that I decided to take Palm Papers full time. It was a decision made in February, officially began in November and is sure to make 2012 interesting. At this time last year, I hadn't even considered it a possibility, and so it's pretty amazing how quickly (or some might say slooowly) big things can take place.

The other is the exposure that I've gotten on the blogosphere.  I have been featured on Ruffled, Urban Scarlet, Oh So Beautiful Paper, Southern Weddings Blog, Style Me Pretty, Invitation Crush, and Minted. These posts are gone in a day or two, so it's easy to forget the feeling, but they certainly make me smile when I think of them. Hopefully 2012 will involve additional exposure because I'll be trying to make it happen... but let's not get ahead of ourselves... 2012 resolutions are coming next!