Our Christmas Cards

Before Christmas is too distant of a memory, I thought I'd share my own holiday cards. I chose my 'Paw Print' design from Minted, because I love that it's fun but still elegant at the same time. It was one of my favorites and everyone loved it. It was so nice to have an updated photo of our little family, so thanks to Kristie Clark for snapping some photos of us. Photobucket

Receiving Christmas cards was especially fun this year because a fellow Minted designer organized a holiday card chain for a small group of us. It's safe to say that we received some of the most beautiful cards ever. Everyday my mailbox was full of awesome envelopes and cards. Trips to get the mail are decidedly less exciting now. Oh well, taking down the Christmas tree sucked too!

Do you wonder what some of the best stationery designers sent out themselves? My letterpress buddy Kimberly did a great recap of everyone's card, so you can see them all here!