Featured: Snippet and Ink

While I know every bride that comes through LC Fine Papers for their wedding invitations, the same can't be said for the brides that order my designs through Minted. I get a little email saying that someone, in some city, ordered a certain design, and I always wonder about who it is and what type of wedding they are having. So it is always a nice surprise when one of those weddings pop up on a blog and that's exactly what happened a few weeks ago on Snippet & Ink.  photo Minted_Lauren-Chism-Fine-Papers1.jpg

My Twine wedding invitation was used in Glenn and Jennifer's black tie wedding in New Mexico.

 photo Minted_Lauren-Chism-Fine-Papers2.jpg

They had such gorgeous details! I love those flowers - which the bride did herself! Impressive.

 photo Minted_Lauren-Chism-Fine-Papers4.jpg

Photography by Turn Loose the Art via Snippet & Ink. See more photos of the wedding here.

 photo Minted_Lauren-Chism-Fine-Papers3.jpg