Featured: Carley + John's Wedding Invitations on Oh So Beautiful Paper

 photo Lace-and-gold-wedding-invitations_lauren-chism_1.jpg You got a little peek at Carley and John's wedding invitations on Style Me Pretty last week, but as promised, I finally get to share all the details because they were featured on Oh So Beautiful Paper today!

 photo Lace-and-gold-wedding-invitations_lauren-chism_3.jpg

Where do I begin? Although Carley really gave me the freedom to do what I wanted, I really needed something to get me started in the right direction, so she mentioned that she loved the color combo of my business holiday card.  If you don't remember, they were gold foil printed on Arturo Stone Gray card stock.  She was working with a mix of metallics for her colors, so I thought the two were perfect together, however I was against doing the Arturo for the actual invitation. I wanted that part to be classic and timeless, so we went with a more traditional ivory cotton, which was Crane's Lettra Pearl White.  I brought the gray in with the RSVP envelopes and I used a blind impression lace pattern on the background as a little nod to Carley's beautiful lace dress.

 photo Lace-and-gold-wedding-invitations_lauren-chism_4.jpg

 photo Lace-and-gold-wedding-invitations_lauren-chism_5.jpg

 photo Lace-and-gold-wedding-invitations_lauren-chism_7.jpg

And that brings us to the star of this show, the calligraphy! I collaborated with Courtnie Johnson of Poppy Pedals, and the results were perfection. Every script accent is her beautiful work. Not only is she the sweetest, her work is impeccable. I love love love her calligraphy style!

 photo Lace-and-gold-wedding-invitations_lauren-chism_6.jpg

 photo Lace-and-gold-wedding-invitations_lauren-chism_8.jpg

Instead of going with the obvious option of gold calligraphy (which I love and almost did), I decided to bring in the grey with the guest addressing. I love the softness and I feel like it perfectly tied everything together.

 photo Lace-and-gold-wedding-invitations_lauren-chism_9.jpg

The invitations were printed by Czar Press and the invitation photography is by Cesar and Tanya of Perez Photography (so grateful for them!), with a few closeups by Carley's photographer, Arielle Doneson.

Thank you so much for the feature, Nole!